Party Pizza Challenge

Take Down the Big One
1st place
Time: 7 minutes
Team: Marcus & Steve
Location: North Phoenix
2nd place
Time: 8 minutes 8 seconds
Team: Rick & Jamoy
Location: Gilbert
3rd place
Time: 9 minutes 23 seconds
Team: The M Boys
Location: East Mesa

Think you have what it takes to join these warriors on our Wall of Fame? All you and your partner need to do is finish an entire Party Pizza (24”) in under an hour. Sounds easy, right? Winners will receive a Venezia’s t-shirt and their face on our wall of fame! We dare you to try it.

It all started with a pizza. A 24-inch Party Pizza, to be exact. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for our seriously huge and over-the-top Party Pizza, loaded with over a pound of cheese and toppings. Almost 10 years ago, we decided to have some fun with it. In the spirit of food competition reality shows like Man vs. Food, but with a unique Venezia’s twist, we decided that we would see if our guests have what it takes to conquer the Party Pizza in teams of two. At stake would be a free t-shirt, a spot on our Wall of Fame, and a TON of bragging rights. It turns out, many people were up to the task! And thus, the Pizza Party Challenge was born.

Fun fact: Early on we even had two separate people finish the whole party pizza by themselves. That’s truly an impressive feat. We love our guests!

Honorable Mentions

Time: 50 min
Team: Anastasia & Emily
Location: North Phoenix
Time: 25 min
Team: Jason & Tynam
Location: North East Mesa
Time: 31 min
Team: Annalisse & Katelyn
Location: North East Mesa
Time: 18 min
Team: It Went Down
Location: North East Mesa
Time: 38 min
Team: Austin & Ben
Location: Tempe
Time: 22 min
Team: Henry & Nick
Location: Tempe
Time: 18 min
Team: Kirk The Captain
Location: Tempe
Time: 3 min
Team: Once a Champ, Always a Chomp
Location: Tempe
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