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At Venezia’s Pizzeria, we pride ourselves on our customers’ experience. Here’s a slice of what people are saying about us!

Scott S.
North Phoenix

I have been coming to this Venezia’s for well over a year now and have yet to be let down (knock on wood) by the service, quality of food, and the atmosphere of the store. Peter has always been there greeting me with a smile since day one. I’ve recommended this location for pizza to numerous amounts of people and they have all felt the same way as I have. I’ll be a customer here for years to come!

J D.
North Phoenix

Hello NY pie! This pizza is it for me! I’m a self confessed pizza nut and this place to me has the best NY style pizza IN PHX. Awesome sauce and crust. When you order an xtra cheese pizza it is actually covered in cheese – they don’t skimp or cut corners. Price is honestly lower that what I’d expect for such a great product… I’d definitely pay more 🙂

They are always friendly when calling in an order and they deliver quick – what more do you need from your neighborhood pizza joint. I luv this place! Desert island pizza if you ask me.

Alexis G
Mesa, AZ

Love the gluten-free pizza. My family has never been disappointed with anything on the menu.

Alison L.

Awesome lunch combos and large portions. Their pizza never disappoints, tasty sauce and toppings. The ranch is good, not watery or sour tasting like most pizza places. You can also buy their sauces. Everything here is good and they offer coupons and daily deals!

Amy H.

BEST DELIVERY PIZZA IN PHOENIX! i loooooooove love love Venezia’s. like… love it. We order the party pizza. 1. because its a crap load of pizza. 2. its a great price. 3. we want many leftovers. Quality is great, service is great. Skip the papa johns and pizza hut. Get yourself some Venezia’s. You’ll thank me later.

Bob G.
North East Mesa

Was given the menu by the front desk of the hotel we were staying at after a very long trip. Just wanted food and sleep. While ordering, the name looked familiar but couldn’t place it. When we got the pizzas, there it was on the box…”As seen on Breaking Bad”. Apparently they’ve expanded to Phoenix from Albuquerque. That being said, this pizza is phenomenal. I’m not exaggerating even a little bit. I don’t typically give 5 stars but this place earned every one of them. I’ve lived east coast. I know New York and Jersey pizza. We ordered pepperoni and mushroom on one and pineapple and ham on the other. The pepperoni and mushroom was the best pizza I’ve ever had. Not kidding. The crust had perfect crunch and perfect flavor. The sauce tasted just right, perfect acidity, Italian herb zest, and the perfect amount to top the crust. Toppings were spot on fresh. Pepperoni had the right “drip down your arm” amount of grease with an amazing taste. Mushrooms absorbed all that juice and all that Italian flavor just like fresh mushrooms should. The Hawaiian was pretty darned good too. So we head up north for a few days and come back to Phoenix. Yes, we get it again. Yes, it’s just as good as the first time. Yes, it’s still the best pizza I’ve ever had. I will beg these guys to expand into Colorado. It is that fricking good. Do yourselves a favor when in Phoenix. … GET THIS PIZZA!!!!!! It is that good.

Bob S.
North Phoenix

My new favorite neighborhood pizza place. The slice and wings lunch deal is the best! Today I had a calzone. It rocked too.

Bradley T.
East Mesa

I’ve been to this location as well as the Tempe location. Great spot for lunch during the work week or just a quick bite. Being fairly new to AZ, this place was recommended to me by a few people at work. I’m glad that I listened. Quick service and great pizza. The slice of pizza & salad special is definitely enough to fill you up.

Colleen S.

Great neighborhood pizza place. The pizza is always great, on time and warm. Wings are always good, not too much sauce and the kids even like the mild traditional sauce. Their ranch is pretty yummy too. Reliable quality.

They mail out coupons and always include them with your purchase.

Staff is always friendly.

Dan M.

I’m a NY native, and lived in north Jersey for over 15 years. This is legit as it gets. Definitely one of my vices.

Edna M.

I recently just moved to Scottsdale and have been searching for good reviews on a big slice of cheesy pizza, this place is so good, I came at lunch as did everyone else, but it was so fast and efficient. The staff is really nice, the young lady at the register helped me pick a special, I came on a Friday, had the meat lovers slice with their 5pc hot wings. I’m stuffed with happiness. Not only is it super delicious, it’s very cheap. My son ate an entire slice, and these slices are HUGE! We will be coming back.

Frank B.

This is the best tasting pizza in all of Arizona. I’m from NY and I was afraid I’d never find NY tasting pizza again and after watching Breaking Bad realized there is a Venezia’s by me. I tried it and was blown away. Keep it up!

Jagan J.

Thank you Venezia’s for the best pizza in Tempe. Been coming here for past year and never had a bad experience. In fact, yesterday(10/11/15) I ended up ordering 8 party size pizzas for a group and to be honest I was quite apprehensive. But in the end all the pizzas tasted just the way it has always been. Perfect!
Always has been a pleasant experience. Quick service and nice atmosphere to sit and dine. The wings are bomb too!
I will keep recommending Venezia’s to others and keep visiting.

Leah F.
North Phoenix

I love this place the food is awesome the owner is Awesome & the staff !!! This is our go to Friday night pizza place the wings are best in town the pizzas are always fresh hot and delicious, one of my new favorites is the Margherita pizza for a healthier option & does not lack for taste. The staff is friendly it reminds me of Cheers where everyone knows your name lol I don’t know if that a good thing or not 😉 do yourself a favor and eat here you won’t regret it !!!

Marilyn B.
North Phoenix

I’ve never seen a single episode of Breaking Bad. I’ve never thought that New York style pizza was in any way superior to other styles of pizza. I was not even sure why I was at Venezia’s recently. I needed to be convinced.

I was struck by all the young families present. Early dinner. Makes sense, but they were there in numbers, drawn I suspect by a good selection of kids meals and pizza sold buy the slice.

My husband took care of the ordering, so I couldn’t help but be surprised, impressed and amused, when a massive party pizza arrived at our table. The kids loved it. I was impressed not just by its size, but that it was perfectly cooked throughout. Maybe these New Yorkers are onto something with their style. We also had a nicely prepared salad.

Convinced I was. Now time to binge watch Breaking Bad I suppose.

Robert H.
North Phoenix

Best wings in town!! This place sets the bar high for pizza and calzones. Honey BBQ wings are amazing!

Great daily specials as well!

Shelby J.
East Mesa

I was impressed from the beginning. The ordering process was easy. The lady who delivered was very sweet even offering to help me open the door with my hands full. I have had many different wing sauces in my time, but theirs was by far the best Honey BBQ I have had. Will be ordering from there again!!

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