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At Venezia’s Pizzeria, we pride ourselves on our customers’ experience. Here’s a slice of what people are saying about us!

Abby B.
North Phoenix

They have great yelp check in deals on pizza by the slice here. The slices are ginormous. Very filling with just one slice but sometimes I can’t help myself and I order two.

Edward N.

Venezia’s pizza is top notch. Absolutely some of the best New York style pizza you’ll find in the state. I’ve been to a few locations throughout the valley but this one is my go to. The last time I was in I had an issue with my order. The management at Venezia’s was quick to make it right. Shortly after posting about my experience they reached out to me and provided me with a full refund to make up for my experience. Now that’s what I call customer service! They are willing to go the extra mile for their customers and I am very appreciative of that. I will continue to visit this location regularly for the foreseeable future!

Maureen S.
North Phoenix

Some friends and I ordered pizza and snacks from your location yesterday for the first time and I was so blown away, impressed and HAPPY that everything was delivered in paper bags and card board box for the salad. Thank you for not using plastic bags or Styrofoam!!! You have a customer for life just for that reason. The food and pizza was great too!

Heidi K.
North Mesa

Best pizza I’ve had since moving to Chandler. Just happen to be on this side of town and I’m so glad we stopped in. Food was great!!!

Julie S.
North Mesa

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pizza!! I am not a huge pizza fan but when a co worker suggested this place, 10 years ago now, I fell in love. The menu , of course, has huge variety of pizza, your imagination is key. However, the combos they have are perfect. The price is right too!!! They have the biggest slice of pizza I have ever seen. Lol We went in one a Saturday at 230, between lunch and dinner rush. They only had 2 kinds of pizza in the “window”.. I am allergic to tomato sauce so I always have the chicken pesto slices.. THEY MADE ME A FRESH PIZZA, just for 2 slices!! that is customer service!!!! We even went all out and got an order of hot wings.. It was soooooo GOOD!! the salads are simple but packed with goodies and the ranch dressing is fresh .. not bottled.

Stew R.
North Phoenix

I come here mostly for slices during lunch time, but I can honestly say there isn’t a better New York style slice in that area or any other area of Metro Phoenix. I have been coming to Venezias for 15+ years starting in Tempe while at ASU. This location is much calmer than that one, but still has the same great ZA. I eat a lot of pizza, thin crust, medium, deep dish all of it, and will continue to keep coming back to Venezias at least once a week Thanks guys..

Caroline S.
East Mesa

Food is always delicious and quick – the mac n’ cheese bites and Pizza Bianco are to die for!

Chris C.

Last night I got back from NYC and wanted to go out with my friend, so I decided to go to Venezia’s with my taste buds fresh from the city to compare their pizza to the real thing. Venezia’s is the only place in AZ as good as they claim to be! I love it here, you can’t go wrong with either a slice combo with wings or a salad, or ordering an entire party sized pizza for a pizza party. The service is always prompt and respectful, it feels like a family pizza joint. Been coming here for years and I never want to stop!

Paul K.

Great pizza and wings! My favorite pizza place when I’m in the area. A generous amount of toppings – nice cheese and delicious sausage. The crust was good – not too thick or too thin, and the sauce had a good flavor. Also enjoyed the regular and the boneless [wings].

Arnold W.
East Mesa

Can’t get enough of this place. I enjoy the atmosphere. The food is fantastic. Staff is always friendly. No complaints here. Friday and Saturdays are always really busy from what I’ve seen, I mean it is a pizza place, but as long as your patient, the food will be delicious.

Jacob T.
East Mesa

I’m not from New York, I’m from Chicago, but I love this pizza. I was never a big fan of deep dish, and this is far better than any of the “pan” pizzas you can get out there. I wish I was closer to get them more. Sometimes there’s a wait, but good food is worth it. Staff is always helpful.

Anne J.
North Phoenix

SUMCO has been using this location for catering from the day they opened on Tatum and Greenway. The pizza’s are YUMMY and the salad is always fresh. Customer Service from placing the order to the delivery drivers are the absolute BEST!

Jessica A.
North Phoenix

I eat here all the time, hands down my favorite pizza joint near the house. I’ve tried so many different things; pizzas (the homemade meatballs are seriously to die for!), the protein bowls (which are very filling and can be customized to order), the spaghetti and meatballs, Italian sub, meatball sub (not kidding, the meatballs are sooo good!), the cheese steak…so many things!! Their chili wings (well done) are my favorite wings from anywhere, and some days I go just to get some wings and a Greek salad (which is also super delicious!). We order for takeout a lot, and they’re quick and the food comes packaged nicely so fries stay fresh, pasta doesn’t get soggy…it’s just seriously so good! When friends come to town, we always bring them in for pizza and wings and it never fails to impress!! No question, if you’re looking for a solid and consistent pizza joint in the area, this is your best bet!! I’ll add pics next time we are there, I ate it too fast this time.

Liz V.

Pizza so good, you’ll dream about it for weeks. The gold standard for amazing New York style pizza. I’ve been to this location a few times and I’ve always have a great experience. The location is clean, not too loud, the staff is friendly, and the food variety is great! Venezia’s was famously shown on the hit show Breaking Bad. And just like the show, this pizza is addicting also. I’ve had their classic pepperoni, sausage and their Hawaiian pizza; all amazing! The slices are huge too! The price is ridiculously inexpensive for their huge slices. Great place. They have drink specials everyday of the week and sports on TVs throughout the restaurant. I’m definitely a fan and I will return with friends and family again. You should check it out for yourself.

Barry V.
North Phoenix

Best Pizza in town! Awesome wings and great salads. Terrific ambiance with plenty of flat screen TV’s for sports viewing and a great seating area outside along with baggo games. Can’t go wrong here.

Adam B.
North Mesa

Just over 2 years ago today, I had my 1st Venezia’s original pizza with crumbled Italian sausage and it was by far the best pizza I have ever had. Any time I can spoil myself, from then on it has been an XL Venezia’s pizza. Also the staff on the phone as well as the drivers have always been nice, helpful & friendly so Thank You All!!!

Michael L.
North Mesa

Excellent, fast service and great food in large portions. Truly New York style. Highly recommended and I’ll be back again!

Sara F.
East Mesa

Love, Love, Love their pizza. By far the best in AZ. Hit winds are pretty tasty too. Party Pizza is ginormous and always a conversation piece when you walk in with it. Toppings are fresh and flavorful.

Archie T.
North Mesa

I have always liked this place from the 1st time I’ve ordered but now that they have a cauliflower pizza option it’s even better. As having sampled many of the different cauliflower crusts, as a low carb option, I can say that this one is the best.

Stephanie B.
North Mesa

Venezia’s was our food of choice for a recent family wedding. Can you say amazing???!!! Everything was on time. The bread and salads were fresh, the pasta dishes were hot and really delicious!! Received tons of compliments on all of it. Food set up was organized and again, on time which I feel is important and the price was reasonable.

Thank you. We could not have picked a better place and appreciate all your help.

Clinton G.

Ordered a Supreme and a Pepperoni pizza got extra cheese on both. Both pies were delicious. Plenty of toppings and a crispy crust that is straight up tasty. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for some great pizza.

Mihran A.
North Phoenix

Always my go to when I am looking to order a pizza. They offer regular and cauliflower crust pizzas which are amazing as well as have great wings!

Martin I.
North Phoenix

I decided to try this place out for the first time. I love pizza and I have tried almost every place in the Phoenix area. I must say, while walking into this place, it had a total Italian vibe, customer service was great, and everybody was friendly. Emily rang me up and when I mentioned that it was my first time, she added a coupon for me just as a friendly welcome. Which I thought was great. Now, the pizza was amazing. Perfect amount of crust, fresh cheese taste, and great sauce. This place is an instant favorite. Will definitely become a regular at this place from now on. Can’t wait to have it again!

Forest M.
North Mesa

Ok, so… even though I am rating this most spectacular pizza joint 5 stars… don’t come here! I’m sick of my favorite pizza place being so busy, and I kinda want to keep them all to myself! My son says to one of the staff Lynnea, “the food here is almost as good as the service!”… because she, like most of the employees are funny, friendly and purely fantastic! Seriously though… order it for delivery and stop coming in and taking my seat!

Patty F.
North Phoenix

Ordered my first cauliflower crust pizza. Was delicious!!  Crust was crispy, didn’t miss the regular crust at all. Loved it!  Recently gluten free. What a treat.

Erica M.
North Phoenix

My fave fast food pizza place! Their slice combo is my favorite! A cheese slice with golden medium boneless chicken wings- you won’t be disappointed! You can sub a water bottle for a soda to lighten the calories ;).

Their side salad is delicious and has pepperoncinis on it for some great added spice and crunch, grab a side of ranch to go with it!

The staff is always friendly! We always enjoy stopping in at this location and have it delivered on Sundays for football games sometimes! Overall it’s always clean and our neighborhood favorite!

Juan G.
North Phoenix

Party Pizza Challenge Review:

Finish a Party Pizza with a partner in under an hour.

Ambiance: 4/5 What I really liked about this location was that the pictures of the past winners was up front, and they also had some cool decor.

Taste: 5/5 They make one of the best pizzas around, and when ever I want to take friends or family to do a challenge review with me I always do a new location. This one was just as great as all the others I’ve had. Not to greasy and excellent seasonings.

Challenge description: 5/5 The party pizza was just as described, they didn’t add pounds of extra cheese or dough. It was perfect.

Staff: 5/5 The staff knew all of the challenge rules, they even had a timer set up, and cut the pizza in 8 slices for me. Afterwards they had the Polaroid camera on hand to take our picture and hang it up. This is one of the few locations <where> they really hit all bases.

Time: 22:22

Difficulty: 1/5

Prizes: A winner shirt for both of the challengers.

Thank you staff for being so accommodating with me and my daughter during the challenge.

Lainy S.
East Mesa

Can’t believe I’ve driven by this place so many times without stopping. I’ve always ordered Papa Johns or Pizza Hut, but I won’t go back to them. They’re way over priced and overrated. I love this New York style pizza and the slices are HUGE. Prices are great too. I’ve eaten the spinach salad many times and it’s always great.

Joella K.
East Mesa

Amazing and that’s an understatement, they have so many tasty options. My husband said the wings are the best he’s had in his entire life. The no crust pizza was good but be careful of adding too many watery toppings as it can be a little soggy (think onions, mushrooms). I hear the cauliflower crust is good but haven’t tried it.

Update: I ate it (cauliflower pizza crust) and now I’ve had it 3-4x it’s really good!

Mary M.
North Mesa

Their Margherita pizza is soooo good. Add tomatoes, you won’t be disappointed! We had it delivered – took about an hour on a really busy night for them. Reasonably priced. Can’t wait to try the rest of their menu!

Patrick K.
East Mesa

This is one of my favorite places to eat! I love the food, and I always have an enriching experience. The counter service staff are always friendly and attentive, and the food is always SUPERB! Whether it’s the amazing Calzones, a Hawaiian slice, or my personal favorite meal of boneless Honey Hot Wings and a Philly Cheese steak, the food is always amazing. I’d definitely recommend it to people, &that I have! Venezia’s is definitely the place to go!

Sam W.

Do you like pizza? Yeah you do!  This is the place to be if you’re lookin for a hearty slice and a good deal. With specials such as their two slices, a slice and salad, slide and 1/2 order of wings, and more for around $8 bucks including a drink – can you really go wrong??

Been here several times before and always taken advantage of these meal deals. The slices are huge and filling.

Best deal – slice and a salad. It’s just enough pizza to fit your craving and the salad makes you feel better about the pizza 😀

Mitchell P.

Amazing food and the delivery is always on time or early! Had the Mala pizza and it was awesome. Pepperoni, chicken, and French fries make an unlikely but epic combo.

James L.

The pizza place from the show Breaking Bad delivers some solid slices of pizza! New York style pizza that can be bought by the slice. Large pie cut pieces, a calories lovers dream for racking on some serious gains. One of your better options if your looking for NY Style pizza in the Arizona Desert.

Margaret G.

These people are obsessed with good service. And the pizza is the only one that my SO’s stomach can handle. Plus it’s amazing. Especially the white pizza!

Swanand I.

Fan-tasty-tic! Loved the pizza slice. Heck the slice is as large as an actual pizza.
Full of flavour and so many options to choose from! I couldn’t stop at one (even though I should’ve). So had a pesto chicken slice and a sausage slice. Both were equally good and piping hot!
I’m hooked and will be back!

Andrea M.

Venezia’s Pizza personally is a place that you eat at and then EVERY other pizza you try after that meets no comparison. I have been spoiled by this chain for years and years and never have I been burnt out by eating here or decide to bother elsewhere. It’s my go-to.
My complaint for Venezia’s is there aren’t any in the Chandler/Ahwatukee area so the closet one is still 15 miles being in Gilbert or Tempe.
Neither deliver to Chandler Mall sadly.
Also, they offer low-carb Pizza bowls which I am obsessed with. Do not overload on toppings though, keep it simple because the juices accumulate at the bottom of the pan. Just sayin’

Make a home in Chandler!!

Nicholas C.

These guys have some of the best pizza and wings around. Love the slice and wing combos for dine-in.

The wings are pretty spicy and recommend ordering the Medium first (usually order Hot  everywhere else). They use a nice chunky Blue Cheese dressing and the wings come with Carrots and Celery, too.

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