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At Venezia’s Pizzeria, we pride ourselves on our customers’ experience. Here’s a slice of what people are saying about us!

Sam W.

Do you like pizza? Yeah you do!  This is the place to be if you’re lookin for a hearty slice and a good deal. With specials such as their two slices, a slice and salad, slide and 1/2 order of wings, and more for around $8 bucks including a drink – can you really go wrong??

Been here several times before and always taken advantage of these meal deals. The slices are huge and filling.

Best deal – slice and a salad. It’s just enough pizza to fit your craving and the salad makes you feel better about the pizza 😀

Mitchell P.

Amazing food and the delivery is always on time or early! Had the Mala pizza and it was awesome. Pepperoni, chicken, and French fries make an unlikely but epic combo.

James L.

The pizza place from the show Breaking Bad delivers some solid slices of pizza! New York style pizza that can be bought by the slice. Large pie cut pieces, a calories lovers dream for racking on some serious gains. One of your better options if your looking for NY Style pizza in the Arizona Desert.

Margaret G.

These people are obsessed with good service. And the pizza is the only one that my SO’s stomach can handle. Plus it’s amazing. Especially the white pizza!

Christine M.
North Phoenix

So my friend was planning how to ask his girlfriend to marry him. She loves how corny he is and he always makes her laugh. He came up with the idea to get a heart pizza and write on the lid ” I know this is cheesy but marry me” he called multiple places but no one would do it. I call here and Jerome answered he was so helpful. He said they could do it without any problems. The pizza turned out great. She loved it and of course said “yes” Thanks for making this a memorable moment for them!

Caroline T.
North Phoenix

This was our first time ordering here and then devouring a large pizza with half of it pepperoni with black olives: the other half was the Italian Stallion (pepperoni, onions, bell pepper, tomato and mushrooms) I modified it from the original to fit our tastes.
To say it was delicious is an understatement. It was extraordinarily delightful. It set my taste buds on alert and I wanted to keep eating more and more even though my husband and two adult sons were eating it as well.
I ordered the pizza online. The website is easy to navigate and fail proof when it comes to placing an order.
My son and I drove 7.8 miles each way from where we live because of the excellent reviews we read. We will definitely return at a later date for more.

Swanand I.

Fan-tasty-tic! Loved the pizza slice. Heck the slice is as large as an actual pizza.
Full of flavour and so many options to choose from! I couldn’t stop at one (even though I should’ve). So had a pesto chicken slice and a sausage slice. Both were equally good and piping hot!
I’m hooked and will be back!

Doug B.
North Mesa

My kids love the pizza here and I think it is great, too. I especially like that their lunch specials are available on weekends and that I can get a slice and a salad as one of them.

The people at the register are consistently friendly and orders are delivered quickly, especially if you order slices from the case and they’re waiting for you to order them.

There are a variety of dressings available for the salads and there’s a rotating special pizza of the day. Try the Italian Stallion and Spicy Hawaiian if you enjoy your pizza with a little kick.

Jen B.
North Phoenix

We drove here from Surprise to experience the Keto friendly, low carb bowls. Yum! I had  the Diavolo Pizza Bowl and my husband had  he Combo Pizza Bowl. We also shared an order of medium wings.

I wanted the Diavolo bowl to be spicier, but it was still quite good. We had plenty of food and ended up both taking home half plus a few wings we didn’t manage to finish.  I wish the bowls weren’t only available for lunch. And…. please open a location in Surprise or at least somewhere in the West Valley. 🙂

Andrea M.

Venezia’s Pizza personally is a place that you eat at and then EVERY other pizza you try after that meets no comparison. I have been spoiled by this chain for years and years and never have I been burnt out by eating here or decide to bother elsewhere. It’s my go-to.
My complaint for Venezia’s is there aren’t any in the Chandler/Ahwatukee area so the closet one is still 15 miles being in Gilbert or Tempe.
Neither deliver to Chandler Mall sadly.
Also, they offer low-carb Pizza bowls which I am obsessed with. Do not overload on toppings though, keep it simple because the juices accumulate at the bottom of the pan. Just sayin’

Make a home in Chandler!!

Nicholas C.

These guys have some of the best pizza and wings around. Love the slice and wing combos for dine-in.

The wings are pretty spicy and recommend ordering the Medium first (usually order Hot  everywhere else). They use a nice chunky Blue Cheese dressing and the wings come with Carrots and Celery, too.

The V.
North Mesa

I probably order from here 3-5 times a month between work and home.

Everyone is polite and the order usually arrives before the time shown in my email confirmation.
When you get tired of pretending the Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Domino’s “Know Pizza” and want a GOOD pizza or anything else for that matter, get some Venezia’s. You won’t be disappointed.

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